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New History

Iran’s Rock Art

Iran's Rock Art Dr. Muhammad Naseri Fard PhD in Archeology of Art, London university-Malaysia Abstract One of the most exciting and wonderful attractions of the world is the ancient rock paintings remained from the first human. The Knowledge of the rock arts is one of the branches of modern archeology …

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A Glimpse to the History of Iranology in Austria

A Glimpse to the History of Iranology in Austria Armin Heydarian M.A in Iranology, University of Guilan-Iran Hamideh Akbari M.A in English Translation, South Tehran University-Iran Abstract Austria is one of the German-speaking countries that have an essential role in the field of Iranology and introducing Iranian history and culture, …

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Recognition of “Rumi” in Uzbekistan

Recognition of "Rumi" in Uzbekistan Dr. Ologh Beik Saeid Ov Researchers and Professor, Uzbekistan Abstract Certainly one of the bright stars in the sky of poetry, mysticism, and wisdom of Iran is "Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī" known as "Mawlawī" and "Mawlānā". The subtle poetry, deep thoughts and wisdom of Mawlānā …

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GILÂN FOLK CULTURE Prof. Christian Bromberger PhD in Anthropology Aix-en-Provence University-France Abstract In this article which was written by Christian Bromberger, the human and local society in Gilân is discussed. Habitat and rural housing that are the specific features of the local culture along with its geographic area are also …

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