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Dear Highly Educated Professors


It’s worthy to announce that the first international fair academy on tour in the world has begun to act since 2016. Proudly this academy which registered in the name of” First International Fair Academy on Tour in the World” and managed by Mr. Behnam Karimi, is active on international level.

The following names are the name of some the people who have supported the academy from the beginning, so that from now on it is possible for us to do contact with other universities and cultural – scientific centers in the world to represent and show Iran as an ancient and cultured country.

Dr. Bahador Bagheri, the manager of public relationship department in Kharazmi University
Dr. A.Reza Karimi, the manager of international relationship in Kharazmi Univ
Mr. Sangtarash,  the manager of student department in Kharazmi Univ
Dr. Ghanavati, Manager of tourism & Geography Department in Kharazmi Univ
Dr. Bahman Izadbin, active in the field of strategic relationship
Mr. Mansiurzadeh, the head of high education department for cultural affairs in Tehran
Mr. Ali Heidari, trustee of kindness wall
Dr. Kanjouri, the member of scientific board and the responsible of the department of relationship with graduated students in Kharazmi University
Dr. Movahed, the head manager of travel agency owners union in Yazd Province
Mr. Tabatabaei, the head master of hotel owners in Yazd province
Dr. Ali Hejabri, university Professor in archaeology field of study
Dr. Keivan Loloee, the university Professor in Azad and Allameh Tabatabaei Universty, the founder of archaeology field of study in Iran and center for Iranology Policy in Brussels
Dr. Farzad Forouzesh, the university Professor and a famous iranologist
Dr. Sheida Mahnam, the director of social and human sciences department for Iranian National Commission for UNESCO
Dr. Hossein Zare Nezhad, the chief of Iranian talented students’ association 
Engineer Ms. Hajar Pirghotbedin, MA chemistry engineering, supervisor in Tehran province
Ms. Raziyeh Zaare, MA archaeology, the academy’s secretary and communication responsible
Mr. Yousef Bertina, strategic planning manager & website administrator

And other students in different fields. We are thankful for all of them.

The Academy’s Goals

  • Restoring the sites of tourism industry
  • Doing cultural interchanges between Iranian students in international level.
  • Being active in global village via university communications in international level.
  • Holding video conferencing by students in the world for scientific interchanges
  • Founding sport schools and holding cultural-sport festivals between the world’s countries.
  • Prompting educational level via research-scientific interchanges.
  • Revealing false rumors about Iran with students’ bilateral visiting , who love the culture.

Iranologist studentship group would appreciate Mr. Behnam Karimi who despite much difficulty, made determined efforts to make enthusiasm in Iranian active youth to begin this activity.

The Academy’s Records

  • Holding meeting for introduce the academy in Kharazmi University in June 2016.
  • Holding meeting with students in Yazd University on 25.Jul.2016
  • Holding meeting with Mr. Fatemi, assistant for tourism center and Mr. Movahed, the head master of travel agency owners union in Yazd Province in Yazd Province on 26 Jul.2016
  • Holding meeting with Mr. Amir Naser Tabatabaei,the head manager of hotel owners in Yazd province on 24 Jul.2016
  • Holding meeting with Mr. Amiri, the general director of cultural –heritage center in Fars on 28 Sep.2016
  • Holding Studentship meeting at cultural – heritage center in Azarbayejan – e – Gharbi .
  • Iranologist group is one of coordinators of airshow(sky sports) program which hold from 15th – 18th Sep. 2016 in Yasouj with the name of (student society of Iranian studies the first active international tourism academy) and one of coordinators of the “First National Paraglide Competitions” hold on 5th – 6th Jan. 2016 in Shiraz.
  • Restoration of “Museums’ union site” and union for “Iranian Flying Sites” in subgroup of Iranologist’ site.
  • Holding meeting with the only curators academy (secretory, Nekouei) in order to discovering the 7th scenes at Iranian museums in Isfahan on 29.Nov.2016
  • Meeting holding with 17th convention coordinators. Participators include Arash Nouraghaei, the head of Iranian tour guides’ academy, Haji Saeid, the secretory of the 17th convention and Saeid Ayoubi, also representatives of Iranologist studentship academy, Alireza Movahed, Daanial Ramizi ( editor of “traveling by Daniel”), Hajav Pirghotbeddin and Somaye Jafaripanah (director of press TV news)
  • Representing the project of “Iranian Mehr Travel” as the future project.
  • Bilateral visiting between officers of museum industry in Iran and other countries which would be hold every year on 28th Sep.

And other programs which is under action.

Assisting the specialists and managers and their knowledge, proved that “when there is a will, there is a way”
Representing the Iran as an ancient and cultured country is needed for aid and pure assistance of the specialists.


Best Regards   
[email protected]
Tel: 0098 917 817 60 81, Raziye Zare & 0098 916 78 911 58, Hajar Pirghotbeddin