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  1. Having Communication Between Iranian and European Vereins
  2. Promoting the Knowledge of Iran’s Traditional Medicine
  3. Introducing Herbal Medicines of Iran
  4. Having Sports Competitions Between Iran and Europe
  5. Having Scientific-Cultural-Artistic-Sports International & Bilingual (Persian-English) Quarterly Journal of FIFTAW
  6. Activity in the Global Village Through Communications Among Universities
  7. Scientific Exchanges With Having Video Conferences Among Iranian and European Students
  8. Institution of  Sports Schools and Organizing Cultural-Sports Festivals in Europe and the Whole World
  9. Promoting Educational Level Through Scientific and Academic Exchanges
  10. Discovery and Inspection Target Areas of Tourism Which Have the Potential

Proceedings and Activities

  1. The First Meeting for Introducing FIFTAW at Kharazmi University, July 2016
  2. Scientific-Expertise Meeting of Chemistry, Architecture, and Industry Students with Professors in the University of Yazd Province, July 2016
  3. Meeting of Students at the University of Isfahan, August 2016
  4. Meeting with the Deputy Director of the Tourism and the Manager of the Association of Travel Services Offices in Yazd Province in Yazd Cultural Heritage, August 2016
  5. Meeting with the Manager of the Association of Hoteliers in Yazd Province, August 2016
  6. National Air Sports Competitions and Festivals (Paragliding, Paramotor, Balloon, and airplain) in Yasuj Which Was Covered by Press TV, September 2016
  7. Meeting with the General Director of the Cultural Heritage in Fars Province, October 2016
  8. Meeting with the First and the Only Curators Board, December 2016
  9. Meeting of Students with Cultural Heritage in West Azerbaijan Province
  10. Meeting with the Organizers of Tour Guides Convention 2017
  11. Meeting with Mr. Soheil Mohajer, Manager of Pishtazan Group, to Coordinate Management and Forecasting Requirements of Paragliding National Championships in the Country with the Host of Fars Province
  12. The Executive Team and the Organizer of the First National Paragliding Championship in Fars province, January 2017
  13. Active Participation in World Tourist Guides Convention Hosted by Iran, February 2017
  14. Nowruz Celebration Ceremony with the Collaboration of the National Commission for UNESCO_ Iran, March 2017
  15. Taking Part in the Seventh Lor Cultural Festival Hosted by the Bakhtiari Tribe in Khuzestan Province, April 2017
  16. Celebration of International Day of Sport for Peace and Development at University of Tehran, Faculty of Physical Education, April 2017
  17. Seminar on Women, Peace and Devotion in the International Day of Peace at the Faculty of International Relations, June 2017
  18. Visit the Tourist Target Areas of Kermanshah with the Presence of Active Specialists in the Verein (Archaeologist, Iranologists, and …) in the Areas with the Collaboration of the Kermanshah’s Governor-general and, July 2017
  19. Meeting with Mrs Khazraei, Phd and Manager of Entrepreneurs Group, and Mrs Hasani, an Engineers and the Country's Top Entrepreneurs, in Fars Province, June 2017
  20. Having the First Meeting on Cultural Project of Introducing Iranian Celebrities in Austria at Kharazmi University, May 2017
  21. Having a Meeting on Promoting the Knowledge of Traditional Medicine with the Assistant of Faculty of Agriculture in Innsbruck _ Austria and College of Agriculture in Shiraz, November 2017

Be in Process

  1. ultural Festival Meeting for Introducing the Celebrities in the Field of Art and Culture in the Municipality of Innsbruck, in Tyrol Province of Austria
  2. Restoration of the Museum’s Site and the Iranian Flying’s Sites in the Subset of Iranologist’s Site
  3. Travel Plan for Iranian Tribes and Tribes Walk from the Persian Gulf to Austria
  4. The Organization Plan to Host the Third Period of the National Paragliding Championship in Yasuj
  5. Having Track and Field Competitions for Different Ages and Donating Worthy Awards
  6. Introducing the Provinces, Introducing the Handicrafts, Introducing the Iranian’s Costumes of Ethnic Groups, Introducing the Special Regional Dishes, Introducing the Traditions of Ethnic Groups, Introducing the Tourism Agencies, Introducing the Iran's International Sports Places, Introducing the Iranian Talents, Introcing the Universities and Industrial Sites of Iran in the Multilingual Site of FIFTAW in Order to Introduce Our Beloved Country to Embassies and Foreigners Who Like Iran.
  7. Having Tournaments of Happiest Picture for Foreign Tourists in Iran with the Worthy Reward of a Free Trip to Iran (Sponsors Are Mr. Movahed, General Director of the Association of Travel Services Offices in Yazd Province and Mr. Tabatabaei General Director of the Association of Hoteliers in Yazd Province)


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